In my grade school, I was not actually that typical person who actively participating in school activities like singing or dancing, drawing or painting. But there this one teacher who gave me a shot to discover what’s behind Neslie. His name is Edwin Agustin, my MSEPK (MAPEH) teacher. I was amazed by his works especially when he draws different figures. I am also one of the chosen dancers by him who actively joining contested events. He really was the one who build my base to what I am now.

Maybelline B. Sta. Maria (left side) and JR V. Cubangbang (right side)

            During my high school, I met teachers in the MAPEH department who actually help me to improve more what abilities I have. They are Sir Ramil Baltazar and Jhon Dee Sir Manuel. They pushed me through my limits. They formed my abilities into higher standards. And I am so lucky to have these people for they gave me opportunities that still now I cannot forget.

That’s the reason why I love teaching. I want to impart what I have learned and what will I learn to my students. No matter how difficult to sacrifice my time, effort or treasure as long as my heart is willing to serve, I will teach wholeheartedly!


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