Day 1

June 21, 2018 marked the start of our journey. At exactly 8:20 in the morning, we were welcomed with amazing smiles and handshakes. It was a long journey and we felt the tiredness but still we cannot afford to directly go to our dormitory because we waited for so long to witness the beauty and the hidden story of Bengkulu.

As we step outside at the airport, we saw a familiar face wearing a big smile on the face. That is actually Guru Azwandi Bahri, the Vice Dean of Students Affairs and International Relations, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Bengkulu. He is our coordinator who patiently gives time to answer our queries and questions. We were also welcomed by Sir Azziz and our very studious, active and jolly friends namely Rashyd, Physics major and Astri, English major.

After getting some rest, around 7:30 in the evening, we visited Kiki’s house, one of our Indonesian buddies together with Chinta, Vita, Astri, Nanda and our fellow SEA teachers form UST and PSU. There we had a little conversation regarding their schooling, their course of study and their secrets hahaha.

We tried also traditional delicacies and fruits like Duko or we called in the Philippines Lansones. This makes our tummy full. It was a great night for all of us. And actually, a great night to start a brand-new day.

Learned Indonesian Word:

Terima kasih                       Thank you

Selamat Datang                 Welcome

Selamat Pagi                       Good Morning

Day 2

At 8:45 in the morning, Guru Tuti and Guru Dandi as well as our buddy named Taufiq roam us around the city. And also, I had chit chat with Taufiq who actually visited also the Philippines for the Batch 6 of SEA project. Some of the words here in Indonesia are actually similar from the Philippines and it feels like I am still living in my own country

After that, we went to SMP Negeri 3, the school where I will be teaching. There I met some teachers which can be my guide as well as give some advices on how to become a real teacher. In that moment, they introduce to me my coordinating teacher who name Sir Bahrullazi, physical education teacher. It was a great moment when we handshake because I can see myself to him in the future.

We went also to SMP13 where Racquelyn, my fellow SEA teacher, will be having her practice teaching. There we met Ma’am Hafnayet, the head of the school. We had so much fun having conversation. It really felt like we’re at home.

Learned Indonesian Word:

Selamat Siyang                  Good afternoon

Hati-hati                               Take care

Sampai Jumpa                   See you later

Day 3

                Before 6:30, my buddies Chinta and Ulpa arrived at our dormitory. This is my first day in school that is why I need to be early. I always keep in mind the quote, “an early bird catches the worm.” So around 7:00, I arrived at SMP3.

                There I join my fellow practice teachers form the Universities of Bengkulu and teachers of the school as we welcome the students. I witnessed and experienced their daily routine called salam. I saw it as a sign of respect to elders or should I say teachers.

                After it, I followed Sir Bahrullazi in which he introduced me to his fellow teachers. There I met amazing teachers wearing a big smile on their faces as they interview me a little. After which, Sir Bahrullazi began his class. First, I observe the prayer I which they give time actually to pray by their own. And as Sir Bahrullazi blow the whistle, the students pay attention. They began the class with the conditioning part and the actual activity. The activity is on front roll and tumbling. I finished the two classes to observe and went home with the permission of course by my coordinating teacher.

                After that, we went to SMP 1 where my fellow SEA teacher Phillip teaches and there, we watched the cultural event of students as their final examination. We planned to eat outside but teachers there invite us to taste and eat some of the Traditional food of Indonesia. We ate so much and our tummy became full going back to our dormitory.

Learned Indonesian Word:

Sayang                                  Love

Selamat tinggal                  Goodbye

Day 4

                Today, I met my second coordinating teacher, Mr. Rudi. I observed his class. Mr. Rudi is 10 years now in the service and I saw the mastery of the lesson when he began to teach.

                After that, Mrs. Rusmawati invite us to meet the head master of SMP Negeri 3, Mr. Sugeng Raharjo. I introduced myself to them. They want me also to join the culture and the arts subject. They want me to share my country’s culture like the traditional dance called Manmanok. It is actually a dance of the Ilocos Region depicting the movement of a chicken.

                After meeting the head master, I went to the library. The reading area is organized as well as the book.

                In the evening, Dr. Azwandi invited us somewhere. We had a dinner in Pindang 77. We had discussed some of our experiences recently. We had so much fun this day and I hope for tomorrow’s goodness.

Learned Indonesian word:

Satu                       One

Dua                        Two

Tiga                        Three

Empat                   Four

Day 5

                I was not been picked up by my Indonesian buddies, so I need to go to school alone. I was not really familiar with the grab taxi and I was not so sure if I can do it. But, luckily, I booked a grab taxi with 22k rupia. It was a great day looking myself as a real adult hahaha.

                At school, I am curious about what is happening around. All the students as well as the teachers gather in the field. It was the time for them to pray as one. They called it Tafakur. It was a nice thing for students especially in their young age to build their spiritual aspect. It can really manifest their wholeness by merely balancing their mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspect.

                After it, Sir Bahrullazi began his class. I lead the warm up activity for the students. They were actually laughing with the warm up exercise I execute because they were not used to that type of routine. However, the whole routine made their body more conditioned. With that type of factor, I realized that it is okay to execute the known exercise routine but teachers must bear in mind also the type of students having it especially if I am in a different country.

Day 6

                It was actually a rainy day, drizzling somehow in the morning. I booked a grab bicycle. We went to school even before the bell rang. It was a busy day. Teachers have a meeting at 10.0 in the morning. My cooperating teacher didn’t attend the first class so I have to take his place.

As I enter the class VII-4, everyone is waiting and actually they are all silent. Using my google translator and enough words I learned, I talked to them. I introduced my name and so they were. I asked their hobbies and everyone followed wht I have said, literally hahaha. They loved swimming. It is because, maybe, Bengkulu is near at the beach. After that, the bell rang. The class ended.

After that, before Mr. Bahrullazi went to meeting, he invited me to go to some destinations of Bengkulu. Yeah, Mister did. He treated me all along the tour. We went to the historical fortress of Bengkulu – the Fort Marlborough. According to Sir Bahrullazi, Bengkulu was colonized by Dutch for around 335 years. It was really a long year of colonization. The place is beautiful. Along with its beauty is the learning I gained with the effort of Mr. Bahrullazi in translating it in google.

Next top is the residence of the first president of Indonesia – Bung Karno. He was the one who fought for the independence of Indonesia. And he married a Fatmawatti, a maiden in Bengkulu. The place is historic itself. It consists of vintage and archaic bicycle as well as dresses, chairs, table, lamp as so on. Lastly, we went to eat some food.

We went to a small food stall around the Bung Karno’s residence/ we ate pangsit which is actually similar to pansit in the Philippines. It was tasty. Nice experience to the week.

Learned Indonesian

Mantap                Good

Nama Saya          My Name is

Pedas                    Spicy

Day 7

We began our class in 7:30. I can see in the faces of the children their excitement to see me. As I always do, I began the class with stretching. They were somehow surprised to the routine I gave, again. But somehow, they really have fun joining with me. We had our volleyball actual game earlier and I saw the two teams of putra (boys) and putri (girls) their eagerness to win. We ended up smiling!

                In the afternoon, we visited Universitas Bengkulu to spare a little yet significant time to the rector, Pak Ridwan Nurazi. There he asked what’s the problem so far here in Bengkulu. But we answered nothing for it we don’t experience any problem at all. He also wished that we can share our good and happy experiences here in Bengkulu especially to the nice welcoming and hospitality of the people.

                Moment after, we went to the practice of Bengkulu’s chorale group where we shared our basic knowledge on conducting. We shared there our learning especially having patience and discipline. We gave advices which we gained from our teachers in the Philippines like proper positioning of the body, good vocalization, and connection. We really have a great day!


Es Teh                   Iced Tea

Nasi Goreng       Fried Rice

Ayam                    Chicken

Day 8

                “You need to have tactics and strategies. Make the students be independent.” – Pak Bahrul

                I arrived at school 7:15 in the morning. It was the usual day actually. It was a great class to begin the whole day. It was Kelas VII-2 (Class 8-2) who really enjoyed the day. Before teaching, me and Pak Bahrul set the net for volleyball for a good flow in teaching. As the usual thing, I began with their stretching. By making them align themselves to see me clearly, I taught the basic skills in volleyball. And there, I have some activity. I told the direction and they executed it. Some were confused but somehow they mastered the skills already. After that, they began the actual gaming. It was nice to see my students enjoying.

Lezat                     Delicious

Kiri                          Left

Kanan                   Right

Day 9

                After the usual class or somehow the actual game in volleyball with my Class VIII-1 (Kelas VIII-1), students approached me and asked questions. I can see in their face that they were like pushing themselves to speak in English. I appreciate it so much when my students have fun with me though sometimes, we do not understand each party anymore. But I do had fun so much!


Teman                  Friend

Bagus                    Good

Day 10

                I went to school at 7:15 and thankfully, I am not late. Well of course, the usual class, somehow. But what excites me this day is our swimming class. With the motorcycle of Pak Bahrul, we went to Grage Horizon Hotel. It was a nice place having a nice view of Pantai Panjang (Long Beach). At 3:00 in the afternoon, we began our class. The students were very excited to swim. I taught them the proper breathing as well as the proper positioning of the arms and legs during freestyle kind of swimming. It was really a hot afternoon by I neglected it because I enjoyed teaching my students as well as making my stay in Bengkulu be happier with them. Bagus! (Good!)

Bawah                  Under

Atas                       Over

Day 11

                Today, I took a grab to send me at school. It was a good that the driver knows how to speak Inggris (English). Along the way, we had a little conversation regarding my country, Philippines. It was nice riding that car. Nice moment to start the day. It is Friday that is why they have a 30 to I hour prayer before they began the class. It was good to see children in front of me praying. I loved it!

                After it, I began to teach volleyball skills again. They had fun! I was actually tired but seeing my students do what you actually taught, it was a nice experience. You feel also the satisfaction in to your heart that these learning had been passed to students. Loving students regardless of their nationality is actually a different feeling. The race is not in my blood but somehow it is all connected. Now I realized the work of a teacher. It is nit just to teach but to connect and relate to other people’s lives to inspire and willingly change the world a little bit.

Day 12

                It was a great morning.

                My second cooperating teacher invited me to accompany him in teaching swimming in the afternoon. We went to their house first to be able for me to meet his wife as well as to take home their child in there. Their family is good. I felt the love and understanding to the both of them. It maybe because of their loving and cute daughter, Nay.

                After it, we went to the swimming pool. We traveled by motor. It was hot, really hot, but it didn’t impede me to enjoy the view in there. As we enter the swimming pool area, there are a lot of students preparing like stretching, running, and some are already swimming hahaha (very much excited!)

                Pak Rudi began the class at 2 pm and it was finished at 5 o’clock. He was sorry about it, but I said it is okay. I enjoyed the class. And of course, I learned a lot from him. I learned in how to handle such activities like this. I learned about the safety of each students and the activities to be supervised seriously.

                Pak Rudi send me home at my dorm. I am very grateful to have teachers who are really kind and generous. I love being here in Indonesia!

Day 13

                Flag Ceremony (Upacara Bendara)

Today I witnessed the singing of the national anthem of Indonesia. Thankfully it wasn’t raining. I observed that they really have a serious process and set of activities during flag ceremony. They even marched like soldiers and sing like professionals. Every student were heartfully taking in their nationalistism.

After that, Pak Bahrul, ask me to join the class of Pak Dwidit, a music teacher of SMP 3. There, they sang one of the popular songs which is I can’t help falling in love. Pak Dwidit style of teaching was good. He wrote the lyrics on the board and he played keyboard. The students cope with it quickly and they sang very nice. I joined their singing and I t was really fun!

Day 14

                No Class! Chinese New Year

                Because of my friends who will go back soon in the Philippines, they planned to enjoy the rest of the days here in Bengkulu. We went to Masterpiece, a karaoke place. We sang their for almost an hour. Instead of singing, we were shouting the song but still happy. It is one of the best days here in Bengkulu and I will miss these guys when the time comes.

                At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we went to Pantai Panjang. There we spent hours of capturing photos, get wet with the waves and spare the last moments with them.

Day 15

                Today is my actual teaching activity. It was nice seeing my students smiling at me… all the time! But I began the class by, of course, praying and after that is stretching.

                Today, we have a new lesson. It is all about rhythmic gymnastics. The students are given each book. Pak Bahrul and I divide the group into six. Each group has a gymnastic activity for them to study for 10 minutes. All the students were enjoying the activity.

Some didn’t understand it that is why I roam around to assist them if they were doing right or wrong. After the class, we went home.

Day 16

                I did not teach today because Pak Bahrul invited me to join a meeting held at SMP 18. It includes teachers, sport educators and physical instructors. It was a meeting regarding the upcoming sport events like swimming. It was fun to be there because their English abilities were invigorated. They were funny too as what Pak Bahrul said.

Day 17

                It was a great morning!

                I started the class with a smile and energetic tone of voice, literally! I taught again this time. I applied the same activity to my students. Unlike to the last sessions, I evaluated them with practicum. I see to it that their executions are correct. Fortunately, it was done very nice.

Day 18


                It was fun to sleep in a well-respected and very approachable family. I slept at Nanda’s house and it really nice to have what we so-called family here. They cooked us food and we really do liked it s much. We stroll around the city with Nanda’s special someone. Hahahaha! We sang aloud like crazy.

                In the morning, we ate and cooked tortang talong, a popular Filipino dish. They liked it so much. We went also to Danau Dendam Tak Sudah (The Vengeful Lake Hasn’t). The story behind it is the abusive acts of Dutch colonizers in which they people around that place build it until they became angry and still get angrier.

Day 19

                Today, I was welcomed by my teachers at SMP 3. They knew that I will going back to the Philippines on Saturday this week that’s why they spent the small amount of time in taking a picture of me. It was very funny because everytime the camera flashes, all students looked at us and we just simply point out them to face in front using our face like the non-verbal communication thing.

                As usual, I began my class. Their topic was all about rhythmic gymnastics and I am so grateful that I have learned some of the basic movements of it that is why teaching it all is not that difficult.

Day 20

                Practice Day

                This is the day wherein they need to master all the basic movements for rhythmic gymnastics for tomorrow’s practicum. I was there to evaluate them if they executed a wrong movement. Somehow, I always tell them to master it by your own because you are the one’s to be evaluated. And yes, they have executed it properly and somehow, you can see in their faces the willingness to absorb all the skills presented.

Day 21

                First Practicum

                It was nice seeing your students applying what they have learned to you. I felt fulfillment when I saw them doing good every day. I felt like I am a real teacher now. It was nice seeing them smiling when they have a good point. And also trying their very best to overcome such situations that was very difficult. Nevertheless, they had a great job. They passed all the practicum so far.

Day 22

                Second Practicum

                Passed. The word I just need to tell. My students are good. They have above my expectation. I will miss my students, really. I will their smiles as well as their greetings. I will miss them so much. Tomorrow will be my farewell party and I am so sad witnessing their voices seem so blue and dull.

Day 23

I AM LUCKY THAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED SADNESS WHEN I SAID GOODBYE! Having this feeling proves to myself that I enjoyed staying at Indonesia specifically at SMP 3 Kota Bengkulu. I will miss the atmosphere. I will miss the laughter. I will miss my students as well as my teachers. I am not good at saying goodbyes. I must say that this word symbolizes ending – and I don’t like endings. Therefore, i will just say TIL WE MEET AGAIN SMP 3.


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