Teaching methods of the teacher that you observed

            Demonstration. The major teaching method used by my cooperating teacher is demonstration. In his teaching rhythmic gymnastics during my third week, he tried to demonstrate the different gymnastic movement. The teacher first gave the books to students. They were given 10 minutes to study the figures indicated on the book.

Then, the teacher demonstrated each figure to help the students. However, the teacher still believes in the theory of independence in which he allowed first the students to study it. Lastly, to clarify the whole movement, the teacher demonstrated it again with the proper execution and interpretation.

            Discussion. Having a 40-minute allotted time for theory teaching, the teacher used chalk-talk process. The teacher discussed the terms and information needed to have a good application process. For example, with a topic of volleyball, he explained the measurement of the court, the equipment used, the official, the rules and regulations and the actual game activity.

Their learning materials and innovation

            To improve the agility of the students during volleyball game, the teacher used boxes in an activity. To boxes were aligned straightly into two. The direction was to pass through the boxes alternately with the shortest time they can be.

            His learning materials are mainly using books. He based his teaching content on the specific assigned books they have. He taught terms and activities based from the indicated matters on the book. The book is actually used by students during the application of study. These books were really mastered by the teacher for it helps the students not be confused if the teacher cannot execute it.

On the other hand, he also used technology like surfing the internet for additional information. The gathered data were included during discussion. The gathered information was helpful for students for it opens the beyond understanding of \students as well as linking it to real life situation.

Sources of learning and technology used by the teachers

            Books. The major source of learning. My teacher often used books. He always has books whenever he discussed or demonstrated some unexpected activity. It is very common for teachers to have books actually but it is more convenient if one will master each topic. Therefore, my teacher sees to it that he masters the topic to be discussed.

            Internet. Due to prohibition of mobile phones inside the school, only teachers are allowed to bring such. Therefore, it is a great advantage to them to help themselves to explore more on the topic to present. Internet makes it possible to have wide-range information. These would help every teacher to implement additional content as well as activities to be done.

            The technologies used are owned by the school itself. Due to be a government-owned institution, they were given needed technologies like computers used in the administration and speakers which they use during programs. However, for technologies as sources of learning, teachers have their own phones, laptops or ipads in surfing the internet for additional information.

Authentic assessment used by the teachers

            Practicum. The school’s common form of evaluation is using authentic assessment through practicum. It is the actual activity for assessing students’ ability and mastery in a field of study. My cooperating teacher used authentic assessment. Due to having physical education class, it is more on application. Therefore, he assessed students based on their performance. He followed certain criteria for valid and reliable scores.

            Drills. It is an activity in which modified form of the actual game like volleyball is used. In this activity, they must reach a specific goal. It is an activity in which the basic skills are used. The right execution of these skills are the ones to be graded.

            Game. For sports, actual game is used for assessment. It is a graded activity in which two evaluations are used like individual and group (team). This kind of assessment needs proper evaluation for it focuses more on the total learning of the student.


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