The main purpose of the practicum is for cultural immersion. It is a way of adapting oneself to a different culture, tradition and custom of specific country. It is looking beyond what we know to have deeper understanding on an unfamiliar place. These will result to wide range of experiences which can be helpful in studying the totality of the country.

Another, having this practicum gave an enhancement activity to improve our teaching prowess. Having been teaching in an Indonesian school, we gained different teaching strategies and methods as well as principles of teachers that can be apply throughout the teaching career.

Also, the different language makes us explore other things. Using basic Bahasa words, we can communicate other Indonesian. Through these, exploring to other places makes it possible. And also, making it possible to gain friends, family and a home.

The best it, I have experienced roaming around the city, tasted food, actually, spicy foods, traveled for two hours and viewing sunset from a beautiful beach


Observation week. During this week, adjustments were done. A lot of process must be done through learning their language, their way of teaching and topic itself. By observing my teacher, I was able to adapt some of his techniques. It was a good experience in which I can have some modification in my teaching plan. Most of all, I do observe how my students’ way of learning. Making it possible to understand, I had constructed a series of activities that can be done basing on their learning capabilities.

Assisting week. In this week, I have managed to facilitate my cooperating teacher in teaching. It was a great help for me to simply adapt myself by how the students act during the teaching process. Through these, I had cane up with effective teaching method that would fit their study habits.

Teaching weeks. I am so happy that I had gained a lot of information from the previous weeks. It helped me to teach effectively at my class. By simply adapting some styles of my teacher through modified teaching plan, I had taught well in school. There were no major problems that interfere during my teaching process. And lastly, these made me realize the importance of teaching. These serves as an eye-opener in putting the heart to teach.

Exploration. Traveling is fun! I was so satisfied with different places we have had. With very beautiful views, my eyes were amazed through tears. The different destinations are one of a kind places that I will treasure the rest of my life. Meeting new friends are also fulfilling. Knowing their secrets, their family, their loves, attitudes and sincerity are the best. We felt that we belong already to Indonesia with these. We felt that we have a home to an unfamiliar place. Another what I like about Indonesia is their food. It is somewhat spicy, but it does not mind. It was a great experience tasting all their traditional food. All in all, Indonesia specifically Bengkulu make the best out of it to give us its beauty and beyond


The major challenged that I have experienced was the adaptation of Bahasa language. It takes years to study it, however, we manage to learn some of its basic words that can be used daily. Language barrier really impedes the continuous and effective teaching process. Using Bahasa in teaching is difficult. It made alter some teaching plan to make it understandable, but I made it for sure that the content is still effective.


In a less than a month staying in an unfamiliar place, having different culture and tradition, we have learned a lot of things. Beginning on how they perceive life until their respective principles. As I adapt all this thing, I came up to a realization that human is still the same regardless of race, religion, politics and customs as long as there is understanding. With this understanding comes unity. And with unity, there is family. Yes! We built family, a second home to be treasured forever.

In my teaching practice, I learned such as independence. Independence as a teacher myself and teaching it to my students. As Sir Bahrul said, “teach them independently so that they will learn through their own”. Such a good quote because I am a constructivist myself. I believe in the principle if John Dewey which is “learning by doing”. I simply believe that with these principles, I can do whatever it is just to make my students do the best they can be.

For the cultural immersion, it such an amazing activity. I have experienced the best I could experience. I visited heritage places that hold different stories. I learned different Bahasa words that could help me for future purposes (maybe if I will go back to Indonesia 😆) and met amazing friends that uplifted our spirit whenever we were sad and dizzy with misunderstood Bahasa speaking Indonesian.

Above all, the one of a kind experiences are to teach students who wears a smile on their face whenever I enter the room. I always have my willingness to teach whenever they call me “teacher”, the best word for an aspiring to be one like me. Though sometimes, we didn’t understand each other, we just smile and say, “google translate”, and the room filled with laughter again. The best feeling is when they appreciate you with their unending greetings. I did have a great teaching experience. I will be keeping it forever.


Throughout the less than a month practicum, I don’t have more to take because they gave me all we wanted. Nevertheless, there are some suggestions I need to indicate. First, the accessibility of WIFI. Based on my experience, the use if internet is conducive. This helps us to surf the internet for an additional information for our topic. Moreover, having been in another country makes us save our money. However, due to reloading, our money goes to not be enough. Second is a short distant assigned school. It is a long travel which needs a lot of effort. This makes us not prepared sometimes. Moreover, this situation impedes our quality time to prepare our materials as well as ourselves.

Regardless of all the suggestions, the receiving school gave us the best they can, and we appreciate it, I appreciate it. They make the most out of our less than a month stay in Bengkulu, Indonesia. I didn’t take any more because they gave us the experience, we didn’t expect. Kudos!


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