Pre-procedure. The first thing I did is to ask what subject matter I need to study. After that, I borrowed books in Physical education. I also ask the schedule of the class of my cooperating teacher since we have not meet up that time yet. After which, I went to the office of my cooperating teacher and ask him the lesson and Pak Bahrul gave it. Then, ask the grade levels whom I need to teach. It was grade VII and Grade VIII. After all the things I need to know, I began to construct my lesson plan.

                [Done praying]

                Procedure Proper. Firstly, I introduce myself to my students. I also make them present their names and hubbies with a twist, they need to speak in English. For them to be a ease, I wrote the basic hubbies in the board and the phrase, “My name is [blank] and I am [blank] years old”. It was a good experience though as well as to them. That time, there were became more interested in speaking English. After it, I began my class. I prepare an activity for them to be motivated. Next, I ask questions on what topic might be discussed that day. And they answered it correctly.

                Then, the presentation of lesson is showed. I used chalk and talk procedure at first and then I used my laptop to show pictures (court and equipment for volleyball). The lesson was ended nicely. I asked questions again to my students on what they have learned for summarization.


                The school is equipped with alarm. Teachers are all aware of time management. That is why even the class is not yet done, it must be ended directly if they hear the sound. Therefore, it is a challenge for me to use mu time in teaching effectively and efficiently.

                In my teaching week, I am aware of my time. I see to it that I can teach all the needed information so that it will not affect the next meeting. Having an 80-minute teaching [application], I used 5 minutes for prayer and 10 minutes for a little recap. The next one, I used 15 minutes for review and study and 10 minutes for practicum or performance.

                Having been aware of the class makes it more flowy. It makes the teaching process easier but effective. Time is important that is why it must be always be on the mind.

                On the other hand, in organizing activities, I always keep them in silent whenever I tell the instruction. Next, I align them and separate women from men. And of course, give reward for those who have given the best with utmost discipline. In that case, for the next activity, they will be pushing so hard to at least achieve their goal.


                There are three factors that impede my effective and efficient teaching process: language, temperature and area.

                Language. Students in my school has a minimal knowledge and skill in English. Indonesian students are not using English as a form of communication even as second language. As a result, we need to adjust and learn the basic Bahasa words. At first, it was too difficult but as time goes by, basic words can help. With the use of google translator, Indonesian buddies and English teachers, all queries and misunderstanding are solved properly.

                Temperature. Due to the geographical location of the place, it is more into a hot-seasoned atmosphere. The place were students do activities is on the court. It is uncovered court which makes it too difficult to students to focus properly. However, it has been solved by simply allowing students to make a group and review their assigned task in a place where they can be shaded. And Pak Bahrul also find place to study with trees that serves a shed to them.

                Area. In the beginning of the class, Pak Bahrul once told me that the area for physical education is not enough. Ihe told me that the area is divided to be used by other physical education class. However, the area is enough if the students be aligned properly – with 8 by 4. We made an alternation of the class arrangement so that it will fit. Luckily, it helps.


                I made a deal with my students. I used flashcards to make them aware of what emotions what I am feeling, red for angry, yellow for warning and green for happy. These flashcards help in dealing with them. On the other hand, during application, I aligned my students. These helps me to identify who is the absent by just merely looking at their numbers.


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