The curriculum is a well-organized set of basic competencies. It has four major objectives which includes spiritual attitude competence, social attitudes, skills and knowledge. These objectives are a great combination for a student to be improved and educated. Having been a religious country, the curriculum focuses also on adapting every student the willingness to link themselves to good moral and character and fear to their religion. With skills and knowledge, students are defined also with the basic competencies presented.

On the other hand, unlike here in the Philippines, Indonesian educational system specifically their curriculum is K-13. However, it might have differences, it has more on the similarities. The basic competencies are categorized into two, the skill and knowledge. It is an organized form for it compare the two. It is also easy to understand and adapt. Moreover, the curriculum has the power to make a student the best they can be.

 Teaching related to my major

                My cooperating teacher begin the class by separating the class by men and women. Then, align them based on their number. After which, Mr. Bahrullazi lead a prayer for them to follow. The prayer is done every start of an activity. They believe that the prayer can give them no harm in whatever process the can do.

                After preparing the materials to be used, my teacher leads the stretching and a five-round jogging around the periphery of the field. The stretching helps the students to condition their body. It is very important for it prepares the body for a vigorous movement. After the stretching, he gathered all the students into their proper places.

                After resting for five minutes, Sir Bahrul divided the class into five. He gave one book to each group and he assigned the group a place to work. Sir Bahrul gave five activities for them to study and review for 10 minutes. According to him, “let them work independently, if they knew it, nice, but if it’s not, we’ll help and lead them for their improvement”.

                Then, the practice is done. The students executed the assigned movements. Sir Bahrul are there also to assist. If the students do not understand it, my teacher execute the right one. The activity ended up with good teaching and learning process.


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